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Despite the band's vocal admonishment of racism, their association with such ideals has long been a topic of contention among fans. Their theme song, "Anti-Hero," featured as a standard in their live set, is set to the tune of "Anti-Social," a song by Skrewdriver , one of the first and most prominent white power skinhead bands (although the song has no racist lyrics). The Anti-Heros stance on racist Skinhead participation in the Atlanta Skinhead scene circa 1987 is addressed in the song "Some Fun" with Mark Noah's lyrics "Now the Nazis are coming around, let's run them out of town!" The Anti-Heros were involved in a lawsuit against New Line Cinema for using the band's logo in the film American History X against the band's will (as they did not want to be associated with white supremacists). [2] Following the lawsuit, the logo was removed from all subsequent releases of the film.

Having been friends throughout high school, founding members Mike (vocals) and Chad (drums) eventually decided to start a band. They found their guitarist Renee through an ad posted in a local paper saying that she was looking for members to start a band as well. Though Renee already had a singer, Mike still urged Chad to convince her to include Mike in the new group's lineup. As Renee's singer no longer wanted to perform, Mike was indeed included as the band's vocalist. Their first bassist was a friend of Renee's named Brendan, who was taught by Renee how to play his instrument.

Anti-Heros / Blanks 77 - Truck Stop ToiletAnti-Heros / Blanks 77 - Truck Stop ToiletAnti-Heros / Blanks 77 - Truck Stop ToiletAnti-Heros / Blanks 77 - Truck Stop Toilet